Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Beginning of Summer and Halfway Done!

You read it right, it is the beginning of summer and I am officially halfway through my pregnancy at 20 weeks. It's been a crazy ride getting to this points on both accounts, but I am happy to be here now. This past week, my first week of summer, has been great. I have spent days doing nothing, which was good, and today I have been busy busy with cooking and preparing for our trip to Tyler for the yearly family get together.

This year Mark and I have to bring cookies and a watermelon. This means that I spent the better half of this day cooking and preparing for out departure. I cooked the cookies, got rid of expired/out of date things in our cabinet and fridge, washed and folded all the laundry, babysat baby Genna, and cooked dinner. All this while Mark was out playing disc golf, and swimming with some youth boys. Gotta love his job! Today actually ended up being kind of fun, I felt very accomplished and like I might be able to tackle this stay at home thing.

As far as pregnancy goes, things are moving right along, and when I say moving I mean Reid! He is moving all around now, though it is still very random. I love being able to feel him move each day on the inside, that is one of the coolest feelings I think. I went to the doctor the other day and heard his heartbeat loud and clear for the first time. Other times it was real faint and hard to distinguish, but not this time!!!! We also scheduled an appointment for our 3D ultra sound on June 29th. I am excited about this, I can't wait to see my babies face, and to check and make sure his cheeks aren't too oversized! So hopefully the last 20 weeks will go as fast and as smoothly as this past 20!

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