Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A God Who Speaks

Isn't God just amazing?  I mean literally just wonderful.  He loves us all so much and cares about us in such intricate ways and on a personal level.  Example A, He speaks to each person differently according to what is going on in their life right now.  I know, I know, this is not an eye-opening statement, most people who follow Jesus know this, but stop for a second and take the time to think about it.  I mean honestly think about the fact that God deals with me according to what is happening in my own little world (which is the smallest it has ever been in terms of size or what I do since I stay home, but the most full it has ever been because, well, I stay home), and yet with someone else, even someone who is essentially at the same place in life, He is talking to about something totally different.

 Ok so I am going to take the long way around to get to the point, just stay with me for a paragraph or two and hopefully it will all connect.  Here we go; I love reading blogs, especially from people I know/have met/ have a relationship with.  I have some great personal friends with wonderful blogs.  Take for instance my friend Jen, who has lost MANY pounds using weight watchers and has not only one blog, but two.  One for her personal life (found here), and another to chronicle her journey as well as give out helpful hints and other goodies (found here). Her blogs are so uplifting, and she is so spirit led, I am always challenged to listen to God and spend time in prayer more after reading her blog(s).

There is another blog I read written by my friend Meagan.  Meagan and I went to college together, then ended up in the same sunday school class (along with Jen) for a season, then had babies around the same time (both boys), and have become stay at home moms.  Needless to say our lives have started looking somewhat more alike then probably both of us ever thought they would.  She is a blogger, a great writer and when she blogs I am so excited to read what she has to say.  You can find her blog here (and I strongly suggest you do, good stuff), and read about what God has been teaching her lately.

This long intro brings me to this point.  Although Meagan and I are pretty much going through the same experience in life, God is using this time to teach us things that are different and uniquely ours.  For Meagan it is being vulnerable and real with people (strange because I have been dealing with this myself lately, but she lays it out perfectly), while for me God has really been speaking on being diligent.

Diligence is a word I never really would have thought about had I not been at this place in life right now.  I have always been a hard worker, and self motivated if I were doing something for someone or some other cause (such as sports, for a team/coach).  However, when it comes down to me just being my own motivation I am really not so good.  My ADD (literally, really have it people, not just saying it) kicks in and I start on one task, yet don't finish it before I move onto something else (hence the last sentence in this paragraph that I didn't finish writing before I wend to put in the links to Jen's blogs), or I focus only on one task and neglect other things (hence the writing of this blog entry when I have a half unloaded dishwasher).  This is where I fear I am failing and I do not want to pass this along to Reid.  So God has really been speaking to my heart lately on being diligent, staying until I get not one job done, but many jobs done.

I have been granted the gift of time by staying home, time I must use to make my house a home, time that I have to do things that HAVE to be done and not be dog tired doing them at the end of the day after working for 8 hours.  However, this gift of time can (and often does) turn into idleness on my part.  Time that I spend looking at facebook, reading, or watching T.V.  Don't get me wrong none of these things are bad, but when my house is neglected more than it receives attention then it becomes a problem.  It is easy to fall into the trap of idleness and not even know, and then not want to get up out of it.  However, it is something I must do.

So here is my experiment, a week of diligence, where I go to bed feeling good that I have accomplished many tasks around the house, not just managed it kinda clean it and get a little bit of supper on the table.  A week spent with my time going to more than just me and what I want to do, but to my family and what is best for them.  We will see how this goes.

Isn't it wonderful that God is a purposeful, diligent, God who we are completely vulnerable to, who sees every part of us.  Thank you Jesus for speaking to me, about me.


Lori said...

You have a gift - I love the way you have taken a thought, an idea, and weaved it into something cohesive and tangible. It's difficult to dissect thoughts and lay them out like that.

And I like your experiment. I think it's something many moms have a difficult time with. One of our strengths is multi-tasking - but it can also be a weakness!

Meagan Joye said...

Who know God would use blogs to speak to us so often?

I struggle with diligence too. But I read a book that helped me get things organized around the house and let me tell you, it was a major game changer. Weston can tell a difference between when I am sticking to my system and when I am not, just by looking around the house! Ha! I will definitely be getting you this book. That's how much it changed my life :)

I think the hardest time is right when the baby goes to sleep and you know you'll have a little bit of time without any interruptions... It's such a battle in me to either sit down and relax or do things around the house! Ugh.

Jennifer said...

It is so cool to see how God speaks to me through blogs too!! I love following both yours and Meagan's blogs to keep up on what you are learning about.

Thank you for being an encouragement to me! I am excited to continue to share what God is teaching me through my blogs.