Friday, March 25, 2011

EEEeeeeeeee (the shrillest sound you can scream)<---- Reid

You read it right, my baby has now learned how to scream to entertain himself. . . It is true :(  In fact he is doing it right now to keep himself from going to sleep for his afternnon nap.  I hate it when he does this and gets so off schedule.  Speaking of some of the "not so glamorous" things about motherhood, I am STILL finding new stretchmarks!  SERIOUSLY?!?  If you were to go back and read all of my little weekly pregnancy update things, when it came to stretch marks I always said "No, not yet, and I am so very thankful."  And seriously when my belly was big I HONESTLY didn't see ANY.  However, now almost 6 months post partum, they are deciding to show up.  It is incredibly gross, and makes me even more self concious than I already was about my midsection.  Not that anyone would ever see it, but I just remember what it used to look like and now that it definitely DOES NOT look that way anymore it makes me extrememly sad.  I hope to rememedy the extra skin/pounds issue that are still deciding to stay around with a hardcore work out regimine of Zumba, running, biking, and Ab Ripper. . . We shall see.

Enough with this debbie downer stuff though. . . I am actually currently in California.  Some wonderful friends arranged to have us come out here and visit them.  Matt and Sarah (whose blog you can read here ) are some friends from college who started dating around the time we did/ got engaged about the same time/ got married a month apart from each other.  We have had some good times with these crazy kids and are so happy to be here enjoying sunny Cali, except for the fact that Cali is COLD!!  Boo for that, but they are making it worth our while anyway, like tonight we are going down to the Santa Monica pier (apparently every pier scene you know of in a movie is shot there) to celebrate our 3 years of marriage!  It is going to be great.  I am going to take a lot of pictures, but it will be with my point and shoot so they may not turn out as good as usual.  Reid came with us and has been doing beautifully.  Since we are only here four days I decided to keep him on a Texas time schedule (Cali is two hours behind us) and he has been handling it very well.  The plane ride didn't even bother him.  I knew he was a good little traveler, but this just sealed the deal.  Which btw, if any of you new moms out there are thinking that flying with a little one and getting through an airport will be pure torture, I am here to tell you it is NOT.  The airport people are so nice!  You get moved to the very front of lines and flight attendants hold your dirty son as you prepare to change the biggest poop of his life in a TINY bathroom, I mean it is great!  So yeah, if you're thinking of taking a trip on an airplane, just do it! 

Well that is about it for right now. . . I guess I better go and make sure I am ready to head out the door when everyone else is.  This country girl is about to head out on the town!

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chels said...

it sounds like you are having fun over there in Cali! I wish it were warmer for yall. It's beautiful here. Don't worry about the stretch marks, you're beautiful no matter what. I love you!!!