Saturday, February 2, 2013

All About Owen

I know we did some "Read about Reid" posts in the past and now I think little Owen needs a turn.  I couldn't think of anything clever to title it with an "O" so I am open to suggestions if anyone has one.  Anyway, back to the reason for this post, to tell you what we know so far about our sweet boy in just these two short weeks.
Owen in his "Rock and Play"! We love this thing!
1.  I prayed long and hard the whole pregnancy that Owen would be a good eater and sleeper, and he those were answered.  He is a CHAMPION sleeper, something I am so thankful for.  He will eat and fall right back to sleep at night.  He is a decent eater, not as avid of one as his brother was (who would eat until he threw up), he usually eats really good off of one side, and then decides its not much worth it on the other side and will get fed up and just spit the milk out. 
2.  He doesn't seem to have the extremely sensitive gag reflex his brother does.  He still spits up and gets the hiccups when we lay him flat after he eats, but nothing like what Reid did!  

Best Daddy around!
3.  He is a strong little boy, already practicing holding his head up.
4.  As of now he appears more laid back and easy going than Reid was.  Of course this could be attributed to the fact he was born 5 days earlier than Reid was (17 days before his due date).  He stays awake right after 2 or so feedings, but just can't handle waking up after the others.  I am expecting this to change though.  
5.  He doesn't really ever cry (yet).  Like his brother (and even more so) grunting is his love language, and he will sit there about 20 minutes before a feeding at night and grunt and get worked up for eating.

6.  He hates a sponge bath!  Though I have yet to meet a baby who really likes it. 

7.  He is my snuggle bunny.  He loves to be up close to you, and enjoys falling asleep tight in your arms.  I am totally ok with this, as Reid much more prefered to be out and looking around at everything.  

9.  He is a "red man" and will turn beet red at times!  Kyndall told me he looks like Bob the tomatoe off of veggie tales when this happens!

10.  We went to his 2 week appointment at the doctor and according to Dr. Hudson, he "looks awesome"!  He is 8lbs 2 oz, and in the 54th percentile for his length!  So grateful for  my hubby's tall genes! 

11.  Nursing is going SSSSOOOO much better this time around.  I think I am in a much better place mentally, more ready for this baby, and I had really prayed it up.  I just remember hating breastfeeding with Reid and giving him a bottle when he was like 3 days old!  Not so with this little man, already two weeks old and no bottle yet.  I am so dreading giving him one too.  I think this is probably because in my head I associate him having a bottle with me going back to work, and that is something I just don't want to even think about/prepare for. 

Of course, life is still going on in different areas than just this little guy, namely in the life of one very good big brother!  I am not going to lie and say it wasn't an adjustment/ still is one, but Reid has been an awesome big brother!  He is my big helper, throwing away diapers, putting clothes in the hamper, "obey mommy and daddy" on a regular basis, and just loves Owen to pieces.  He gives him sweet sugars, and tells me when he needs his paci (which in his mind is often lol), and can't wait for him to really play with him. 

Trying to tire this boy out by writing "R-E-I-D"
What has been difficult is getting his schedule coordinated, and tiring Reid out when I am exhausted myself.  Reid has at times not napped (he will just stay in his bed and talk the entire time) and that makes for rough nights.  I swear he knows when Mark isn't going to be home because that is the day he does it.  We are working through it.  The mornings are the hardest when I know I have to get up and get Reid up so he will nap, even though I am dog tired! 
He ate all his lunch so he got a "pea-butter 'poon" for dessert (peanut butter spoon for those not fluent in Reid)

All in all I am so thankful to have two precious boys!  They are gifts from God and I wouldn't change them for the world.  I pray I can continue to be the mom God has called me to be with two and that I would enjoy these years mothering in the trenches, because I know that even though the days are long, the years are short, and I don't want to totally wish them away!


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