Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Life with Two

Hello again all!  Since I have been able to stay at home on maternity leave, you my readers get to enjoy more blogs!  Lucky you!  And since all I do at home is stay with two of the cutest boys in the entire world, that is most likely what you will be reading about!  

Life with two kids is crazy!  Especially when one of those two is almost two and a half. . . and still not potty trained (grr).  I never thought I would be one of those moms who had the almost 3 year old still in diapers (thinking about it right now makes me want to gag a little), and believe me I had good intentions in life, before I had to go back to work.  Then I had good intentions to try real hard during Christmas break, since both Mark and I would be home, but that kind of went down the drain when Mark broke his collar bone 2 days after I got out of work and had surgery a week or so later.  Then I had plans to do it when we were home with a new baby, but trying to potty train and have a new born, and not be home on the weekends is kind of ridiculous and so  much harder than I anticipated.  Any tips besides just getting in there and following him around all day are greatly appreciated.  He has YET to wake up dry from night time or nap, like not even close to it, so I am wondering if he is ready. . . 

Owen is doing remarkable well.  Mark and I were talking about how he has filled out, and doesn't look like a newborn anymore really.  He has graduated to size 1 diapers, and is beginning to out growing new born clothes.  Makes me a little sad!  It has been such a different experience this time around because I am not dealing with Postpartum Depression.  I have said more than once "So this is how it is supposed to feel?"  With Reid I just remember resenting ALL of it, the feedings, diaper changes, get ups, nursing, EVERYTHING.  I didn't resent HIM, just how my life had changed, and I wasn't ready for it!  It took me a while to bond with Reid I felt like, like 9 months (how long it took me to get over PPD), while this time I feel completely bonded to Owen.  I am so glad to not have to deal with those feelings this go around, and sad because I know what I lost with Reid :(.  

Speaking of Owen, we went to the doctor when he was two weeks old and according to the Doctor, he looks awesome.  He weighed 8.2 so that was good!  Nursing is also going SSSSOOOO MUCH BETTER this time around.  I think I knew what I was getting in to this time as far as the demand it places on you.  I had a better outlook on it going into it, having thought about it during my pregnancy and ready to bond with Owen in this way.  Another thing I think really helped was praying about it extensively the entire pregnancy.  I am so grateful it is going so well and pray it continues to! 

Ok, now here are some pictures from what we have been up to.  

Reid and Owen with "Nina" and "Pops" (Mark's parents).  I thought this was a great picture  of everyone!

So if I haven't said this before, I will tell y'all now.  In my family, February is the month of celebrations!  My mom's birthday is Feb 2, then exactly a week later is my brother's birthday on Feb 9, then 5 days after that is Valentine's day, then the next week is Mark (and Blake's lol) birthday on the 23rd.  So yeah, lots of stuff going on in February.  Last year mom and dad took us out to eat each week that someone had a birthday!  At Mark's birthday dinner they said, "Next year we are going to go out to eat at Shoguns one time to celebrate everyone!"  This was more than ok with us.  So here are a few pictures from that night!

Here is a backstory for this picture.  This is my brother and you probably recognize one of my best friends Abby by his side.  They started dating at the beginning of this month and I could not be more excited!!!  I  couldn't have planned it any better myself, I mean my brother and my best friend?!?  

Aren't they Cute?!

We are working on getting him to realize he has to smile WHILE you're taking the picture!

Mom and Dad

Laughing at how he took a picture!

Me and Marky!

Adam took this but didn't zoom in!

One more attempt, no good/. . .

So there you have it!  What we have been up to lately.  For now I have a hungry toddler and newborn!

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