Friday, August 16, 2013


So much has happened since summer began the 2nd week in June that I don't even really know how to begin.  I have so enjoyed this time with my littles, eating up everything they are doing that is new!  Here are a few pictures from my phone of the past few months.

Matching hats and just super cute!

Possibly my favorite picture of us

Making homemade pizza (and eating the cheese)

Mark after graduating from BPCC!  How we are so happy this day has come!

Big boy swimming with no floaties!  

Loving all the imaginative play going on!

This little love is just happy to be here and getting so big.

"Wook Mommy, brown leaves!"

After bath pictures are the best.

Big blue eyes!

Using Pawpaw's snorkel at the lake

Love him and treasuring every moment of his little life.

The biggest news of course is Mark has finally graduated!  We have done the happy dance around our house quite a few times.  He also had his first day (and week!) of paid work since last July this past week!  It has been so amazing how God has sustained us through one of the toughest times emotionally, physically (Mark and his collar bone, me having Owen), and financially.  I am so thankful we are finally on this side of everything.  

The boys are also growing up so much.  Owen will be 7 months old on Sunday!!!  Seriously, my baby is not a baby anymore.  He is about to become mobil and I know it is all downhill after that.  I love how interactive he is, playing with all the toys we (mainly Reid) gives him.  Reid is such a good big brother to him, telling him "Don't worry brother, I'm here" and "Watch this Owen, look at me."  Seriously I love their little relationship and pray I can continue to foster it.  

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