Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Showin' Owen: 7 Months Old

Once again it is that time.  My sweet baby boy just wont stop growing.  Children are funny that way haha.  7 months have gone by and have truly been some of the very best.  Sadly this week we have our first ear infection ever to deal with, but Owen is such a trooper, still smiling through it all.

Here are some things he is doing at 7 months:

1. He is much more alert and plays really well with toys and things.  Reid was never really a big "toy" kid, he loved balls, but this one likes just about anything.

2.  We still have NO TEETH!  I keep waiting on them to come in and nothing has shown up!  I'm ready to get this show on the road!

 3.  He can sit up really well on his own, no more "oh no!" falling backwards accidents.

4.  He is starting to rock back and forth to get ready to crawl.  I don't want him to crawl because then I know it is on and I will be going two different directions!

5.  He eats more table food than Reid ever did!  Whatever we are having I try to give him a bite of it somehow.  He likes most everything we give him so far.

We are loving his cloth diapers!

6. He can find his paci and put it in his mouth, sadly we are going to be trying to take that away pretty soonish.  Reid let his go around 9 months!

 7.  He is still nursing, but has FINALLY moved to the 4 hour mark!  Hallelujah!  We usually nurse, then eat cereal, the when up from our morning nap nurse again and eat a little something for lunch.  Then we sleep and wake up from our afternoon nap and nurse, eat something around dinner, and possibly go back down for a short evening nap.  We also nurse right before bed:)

8.  His cousin, born 3 weeks before him, just said "Dada" for the first time (and it was oh so cute!!!) so you better believe I have been working on both "Mama" and "Dada"

 9.  He really is just the happiest little guy.  He loves to be held and enjoys being outside the most.

10.  He weighs 17.15 and was in the 61% for height when we went for his last check up. All in all a very healthy boy.

He is playing on a quilt from my great grandmother!

Sitting up tall!!!  

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