Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Another Random Post of Pictures. . .

Once again it has been a while since my last up date.  To be honest I am horrible at taking pictures with a legitamate camera.  I use my iPhone for everything and it shows. . . Oh well. So today people you will be getting a post full of photos from my iPhone. . .  Here are a few things from our life since Owen's 7 Month update.


From time to time I keep our friends kids for her when their school is closed/babysitter is out.  Genna is 5 months older than Reid and Camp is a week older than Owen.  We always have fun!

Playing Guitars in the closet

Too much fun!

One walking, one riding, one carried. . .
 Then there is just life in general, things that happen here everyday that we just love anyway. . .

Love this sweet blanket a friend made for Owen!


I came out of the bathroom and saw this!  Reading on his own accord!  

A little school time messy fun.
 At one point Owen got a small ear infection (first one ever for us as parents) and then an interviral rash. . . it was so sad and covered his little body for a week!

Texas football came back which me and all my boys were so excited about!  We are heading to our local high schools 1st football game here.

3 babies born 3 weeks apart, all 7 months old here!

 I also have become a designer for Origami Owl!  It is a fun jewelry making gig that I have had a blast with already!  Go look it up at!  Their slogan is "You tell your story with words, we tell it with jewelry."  You basically take a window plated locket and put whatever charms in it you want!  Tons of fun with so many different combinations.

 And this little guy finally learned to drink from a cup!

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