Thursday, November 14, 2013

Reid's 3rd Birthday

So I realized the other day that I haven't blogged about Reid's 3rd birthday yet that was on OCTOBER 7!!!! Yikes!  So here is my valiant attempt to catch up some. . .

Door birthday banner
 Reid will not get out of bed until we go in there to get him so Daddy had to open his door that morning and coax him to come out haha!

Everyone needs a birthday chair!

Presents from Mommy and Daddy

A helmet and a scooter!!!
 Mark and I got him a scooter for Christmas!  However, you can't turn the handle, which I'm sure is really great for younger kids but not too great for our going boy.  Luckily the day before my grandmother had found a child's scooter at a garage sale for only $2 that you can turn the handle so he has been riding that one ever since.

Birthday Pancakes

I had to take Owen to the doctor on Reid's birthday because he had been tugging at his ears. . .

Owen ended up with a double ear infection so Reid spent the morning with my grandparents 
He got the Armor of God!

This is Reid's "aunt" (my cousin) Kyndall who shares her birthday with him

I just love this kid!

I cannot really believe my first baby boy is 3!  I so enjoy him and couldn't imagine doing anything else!  Seriously he brings us so much joy!  He is all boy and I love every bit of it.  Every ball thrown, every car driven, every baseball hit, everything.  He is so smart, learning so many new things (like the seasons) every day and talks non stop.  I can't wait to watch him continue to grow!

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