Monday, November 18, 2013

The Good Year Blimp

Every day after breakfast and morning chores the boys and I head outside for a walk.  Then we usually head out again right after lunch to ensure they are good and tired and take a great nap lol!!!  Well this post-lunch walk got a little more interesting in good ol' Harleton, Texas.  We live right under a flight path so it is normal occurrence to  see a few planes and helicopters each day, along with  the space shuttle from time to time. 

This particular day I heard something that I knew was either very large or flying very low.  I figured it was a helicopter but was so confused because I kept hearing it but not seeing it.  It took a long time for anything to come into view and just kept getting so very loud!  When I finally caught a glimpse of what it was I couldn't believe my eyes, it was the Good Year Blimp!!!!!! 

It was indeed very  large and very low!  Reid was terrified at first and ran back to where I was because of the sound and the enormity of the thing!  It doesn't look that big in these iPhone pictures, but trust me, it was!

We may or may not have run down the road after it. . .
 Later on after Owen was asleep Reid and I decided to work on some more prewriting skills.  These little paper pockets are great and were on sale for a dollar whenever it was time for back to school to happen.  I just found various printables off line and printed them out.  He has had a blast so far.

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