Monday, January 20, 2014

Owen's Winter ONEderland Birthday

Oh my gosh people, I cannot believe it, my baby boy is 1!  Cue the tears!
My sweet precious little guy is now officially not a baby and I have to admit I am 
finding it hard to deal with at the moment.  

My sad Mama's heart doesn't negate the fact that we still had a party to throw!  I mean you 
only turn 1 once right?  And what a major accomplishment when you think
about what all babies accomplish in that first year of life!

I had been pondering what "theme" to do for this little laid back guy.  For his brother it
was so very easy because balls were all he played with!  But Owen likes pretty much
anything and everyone, so having something specific to him wasn't quite
as easy.  Luckily my mother found the cutest theme of a Winter ONEderland on pinterest
and we just went from there.  Isn't pinterest awesome?

This was by far a super easy party thanks in part to the principal at the elementary school here. 
She loves to decorate anything and everything and she had all of these decorations on hand 
besides the table cloths!  My mother was gracious enough to bring them to me as 
well as help out with supplies for the party.  Her, my grandmother, grandfather, aunt and cousin
all helped set everything up the night before (I know, I really do have the best family).  I was
so thankful for their help because I had been laid up with a sinus infection for two days and
didn't get down there until late! 

Some of the refreshments.  I loved the water jug that was supposed to resemble a melted snowman!
We also had hot chocolate and chili, along with "snow" powdered donuts and pop-corn in snowman cups.

The banner said "Happy Birthday" with snowflakes behind it.  

We later put monthly pictures I had taken of Owen on the tree to show his growth!

The DELICIOUS cupcakes our friend and surrogate "grandmother" Lolli made for us!

My Birthday Boy!

What party would it be if there wasn't train ride!

I had some handsome help opening presents!

Ready for some cake!

My friend, Shaina, made his darling smash cake which was also DELICIOUS!

HE was nasty, so nasty that I didn't want to get him out.  My brother did that for me.

It was definitely a two man clean up job!

Reid and his two favorite people in the world basically!  They get married in like 47 days!  Woohoo!

All in all, Owen had a terrific birthday!  I couldn't have done it without help, especially from my mom
who bought banners, table cloths, made gum favors, and everything in between.
Seriously she is the best and I am so thankful for her and all her help.

We are so blessed by our little man and are excited to watch him grow up into a wonderful man of God!

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