Thursday, January 2, 2014

Christmas Morning 2013

 I hope everyone's Christmas season was a good one!  We are working on getting back into the swing of things around here, as well as finding places for all the wonderful goodies the boys were given. . .  My mother took a ton of pictures of all the festivities that happened around here, so I am going to do them in all in different posts since blogger is taking FOREVER to download pictures now (anyone know what is up with that?).  I decided to start with Christmas morning since it is just our boys and both sets of grandparents.

We didn't get much for the boys this year. . . Just a few necessities and things they really wanted.  I am not a big "toys everywhere" kind of person and like to try and keep the common areas of the house from looking like two littles live here. . . Believe you me, these boys aren't lacking for anything, they got so many things this year it was unbelievable.

Isn't he handsome with his "devil horns"

We found a pea coat at old navy!  Best thing ever

Opening up his brother gift

I made both boys a cape this year. . . Reid has been less than impressed.

Reid opening up the main toy we were excited to get him, a microphone stand!

This of course wasn't everything, but all in all we had a very sweet and relaxed Christmas morning. . . I was so ready for Reid to have the microphone.  He plays his guitar (which he got a new one for Christmas from Noni) almost every day and wants to sing into his microphone like Daddy!  He used to make us hold a play microphone, but of course that got old very quickly.  Then we tried to rig it to something or make him pretend he had one (wrapping paper roll stuck in the toy box worked wonders for a while).  Then Mark stuck a microphone in his boot in his closet.  Finally he was able to have this one, and oh how he has liked it!  So much fun to listen to him going to "practice" in his room.  

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