Monday, January 13, 2014

The Slow Motherhood of Littles

Guys, let me tell you something, motherhood is special.  Especially motherhood with littles.  I think it is one of the hardest times in life, as well as one of the sweetest times. 
I am not sure how God does that, but it happens and there are some days you have just especially
special glimpses into what life is really all about.  

This time in my life I feel as if I am constantly behind, trying to stay one step ahead,
and teach, and train, and listen, and correct, and smile, and play, and. . . 
That list could go on and on!  However, something is happening to me, something I 
didn't really see coming honestly. 
I am starting to "mellow out" as a mom. 
While I don't mean I am becoming lacks on what my children do, how the respond, or behave
I am talking about how I am learning to stop.  
To take the time to listen and join in on their little laughs, to see what is bringing so much joy.
To run for my camera instead of for a correction when I see toilet paper 
strewn from the bathroom to the living room in one long strand.  
To take the time and just be with them.  

I know this is not a shocking revelation, especially to some of you older moms.  
I understand now that although I have a duty to my home, I must first love my children.
And oh I want it to be said of me that I loved them well.  That I took time, listened
sought out their hearts, and opened up mine.  I need to realize I have the
chance now to watch them play without the added stress
of school work, practices, sleep overs, and everything else that comes with "older".  
I must enjoy this stage, because as hard as it is and as slow as it can be, that is where the beauty
lies.  In the slowness.  In the monotonous.  In the constant training, listening, correcting, and loving.
God, please don't let me miss it.  Please don't let me wish it away for someday
when things will be "easier", when they are bigger, when I am not spending
every moment of most every day in their presence. 
 Help me to realize.   

This life is fleeting.  These moments won't come back.  These times of littles will 
soon be a distant memory.  And I pray I am there.  That I will be all there.  

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