Saturday, December 13, 2014

Halle Kate Going Home

After heading into the hospital at 5:45 Tuesday morning and having her at 12:41 we enjoyed a day of visitors that ended with the on call pediatrician coming in to see us and take a look at Halle Kate.  We had seen her before with Owen's birth when it was the weekend and our pediatrician wasn't on call and we needed to be discharged.  We weren't very impressed then (she almost didn't let us go because he was slightly jaundice, which at 37 weeks 4 days, was normal) and our opinion did not change with this meeting either.  She came in when we had my parents, Mark's parents, Abby, my grandmother, aunt and uncle, and both boys all in the room.  Needless to say it was not the quietest of places.  She speaks broken english and was having to talk loudly to be heard.  She began telling us that she wanted to get Halle's blood drawn because of bruising that was on the top of her head and on her face.  We thought this was very strange and asked what drawing blood would tell her and she just said "I need to see if her platelets are high or low" which essentially didn't answer our question at all.  She also said she since we didn't know the results of my group b strep test  and she was jaundice that we would need to stay two days for them to watch that.  All in all it didn't do a lot to reassure us that she was okay.  Perhaps it was her bedside manner or the fact she wasn't our usual doctor, but we were unimpressed.

I was glad to have the extra day in the hospital though to just rest and get a chance to know my girl a little better.  We also got to talk to our pediatrician who was far less concerned than the on call pedi which made us feel a lot better.  So on Thursday we were able to leave around 2 after she passed her hearing test.  It was so much fun to be able to use a dress I had picked out myself and take her home in it.  I made a bow for the occasion but it was too big according to daddy so we had to improvise.  She did not like getting dressed but she looked oh so cute when she finally was.

Daddy helping us get all buttoned up

The too big bow mama made

The substitute 

All ready to go

Not the best quality, but I thought the bonnet was too funny!

In the carseat ready to go.  I win worst mom award for not washing it before we brought it up there.  I had planned on doing it that weekend but whoops!

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