Monday, December 29, 2014

Tree Triming 2014

So this year we were able to get the tree up right after thanksgiving.  This was a good thing because I happened to still be pregnant at the time!  It was a good night for me with minimal contractions so decorate away we did!  Reid is definitely a four year old because he insisted on being in costume for the occasion, and by costume I mean a monkey towel on his head.  We were able to get him to take it off for some of the pictures, but not for others.  And speaking of pictures, all of these were taken with my iPhone so they aren't nearly the best quality!

This is our last year to use this little tree as we bought a brand new one at Hobby lobby's after christmas sale!  It has been good to us, but we needed something a little taller and with lights that all worked.  All in all a great tree trimming!

Putting the star on top

All our random ornaments in their place

This little ballerina ornament Reid picked out back in October for Halle Kate!

Putting the boys' tree up in the game room, full of shatter proof ornaments!

The hooded monkey towel and poor quality picture.

What I came in to find 10 minutes later.  Needless to say we anchored it with some heavy books.

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