Sunday, January 4, 2015

Thanksgiving 2014

I know I am going very much out of order since I have already posted about Christmas, but I know if I don't post what I have it won't get done.  So we are backing it up all the way to Thanksgiving, pre Halle Kate, my last few days of being pregnant.

We started the Thanksgiving week off in the hospital of course and then I spent the rest of my week trying to take it easy, having contractions pretty consistently, and just being highly uncomfortable in general.  One oversight I had with this pregnancy is I never got any "over the belly" jeans.  This wasn't a big deal until those last couple of weeks, it got increasingly uncomfortable to wear them.  However by the time I realized my error I knew I only had a few weeks left and I was determined not to spend more money!

This brings us to Wednesday, the day before Thanksgiving.  My uncle and aunt had invited all of the family over to their house to celebrate.  It was about a forty minute drive from our house to theirs which normally wouldn't have been a big deal at all except I had been contracting pretty consistently for a week or 2 by then, and that night was no different except for the fact I was in jeans that were way to tight on a contracting pregnant belly, sitting in a car for 40 minutes.  Those contractions were some of the hardest ones of the whole pregnancy, they hurt so very much!  In fact we had trouble finding my uncle's house so I made Mark pull over to call someone just so I could get out and stand up and walk around to find some relief.  It was awful.

We finally find the right house and make it inside where I am able to relax a little bit and rotate from standing/walking around to sitting.  We make it through the night, with contractions, but just not as hard.  It is always so much fun to get together with my family.  I am so thankful that everyone gets along, loves each other, and genuinely enjoys the company of their family.  I know this is a rarity.

Me very pregnant, uncomfortable, and contracting

These two cuties born 3 weeks apart!

Ring Around the Rosies with the grandmas

Love my Poppy and his energy

The next day Mark and I had a slow morning because my parents let the boys spend the night with them.  It was nice to wake up slow and have no where to be until 12.  I had learned my lesson the previous night and decided to go with a comfy dress which was a much better choice!  Once again the other side of my family all gathered together and we had the best time eating lunch and dinner with one another.  I was glad to be there eating and not in the hospital on bedrest! Once again I have to say it is wonderful to be around family that actually enjoys being around each other.  I don't know how I was blessed enough to experience this on both sides but I am!

My great-grandmother, 95 and still sharp as ever!

Grubbing down!

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