Monday, January 19, 2015

Christmas Festivities 2014:Cookie Party

 I don't know if I have written about the cookie party on the blog before or not.  I feel like I have but it has been a while, so for those who don't know here's the back story. . . My mom's friend, Lisa, loves to cook, it's like her favorite thing in the whole world to do.  My mom on the other hand really just doesn't like it at all.  Well back when my brother and I were little kids somehow it came up that mom didn't do the whole bake and decorate Christmas cookie thing with us.  Lisa couldn't believe it, and since she had no kids of her own yet quickly volunteered to do cookies with Adam and me.  So every year close to Christmas we would go to Mrs. Lisa's to make Christmas cookies.  It gradually grew to include a group of friends and their kids and now a second generation of cookie party kids in with my children and Haylyn.  It is loud, crazy, and fun to just get together and hang out.  

Adam and Abby made Olaf

My mom and Reid.  How I love her love for my boys.

Owen loves music and spent a lot of time on her piano.

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