Thursday, November 13, 2008

Finally Able to Breathe Again

Well this semester is winding down to a close . . . There really is only this next week left as far as classwork is concerned.  So what else does that mean, but teachers are going crazy getting in last min assignments to drive us crazy, all due before Thanksgiving Break!  Oh goodness!  I am happy to say that I did make it through this semester, no matter how scared I was of the work load and being married all in one.  I am not going crazy, I am actually doing so much better than previous semesters.  All in all, I can really say I am proud of what all I have accomplished and how I have handled it for the most part.  

Well, couple of things of news on the plate. . . First of all I completed and turned in my unit on Monday!  It was a semester long project me and 3 other girls worked on all semester long!!  I can honestly say I think I got into the best group ever!  We all got along so well and I think actually got closer and got to know each other better as a result.  We were all pleased with our work as well. . . We will see how we did, but I did enjoy putting it together, if only because of the other girls. 

The second thing is that I figured out on Wednesday that I will definitely be here an extra semester. . . I found a class and was on my way of getting it approved to take over the Christmas Holidays, but another class that was ALWAYS at 3:30, after school hours, is now, this upcoming semester at 1 instead. . . and there is absolutely no way I can slip out early 1 day a week to take it. . . It's ironic, because had it been offered at 1 ANY OTHER SEMESTER, I could have taken it and then gone on and student taught, and had it been at 3 just this NEXT SEMESTER I could have done it, but of course everything that could have gone wrong did go wrong, and I am here.  I am glad to be able to breathe knowing my decision is made, I am just sad because I worked so hard and it still ended up being out of my hands, like it has been for a year and a half.  But at the same time, I do have a verdict, for the first time in a year and a half, and that feels good. . .

The third thing is that I passed my Generalist EC-4 test that I paid $120 to take on Tuesday!  I am now certified to teach any subject early childhood through 4th grade!!!  WOOHHOO!!!  It was sssoo hard though.  Traci and I went to Nac together and took the same test.  Both of us came out and we were like "oh my gosh!"  I know at one point I laid my head down and was like "God please do not let me waste $120, please help me remember some of this stuff."  We just had to recall stuff that we hadn't had in years and infer a bit. . . all in all it made for a scary 48 hour wait.  However, that is one $120 test down the drain, two more to go!!  At least I have a year to get them all taken and paid for, not to mention the finger prints (about $50) and the registration fee to SBEC ($75 I think). . .  Yeah, going to be broke before we go into a profession that we come out still broke lol!!  

Last night I also wen tout with my unit group LeeAnn, Traci, and Kelli to celebrate our unit being done!!  It was  BLAST!  We all just sat around, talked, laughed, recapped, and just enjoyed being unit free!  We decided we could write a soap opera based on our lives and what all we are all going through.  We are all at different stages, going through different phases and problems in life, but are all tied together by one all consuming load of work.  It is great!  I really wished I was going to student teaching, in part just to stay close to them!  I am really going to miss them this next semester.  

So all in all, these are just some of the ways and reasons I am able to take a few steps back, unwind, and unload in order to breathe again.  And you know what?  It is all good. . . and so refreshing.


missleeannskidz said...

We're not going anywhere! We'll work it out. Love you!

Lauren said...

I agree with LeeAnn, we aren't going anywhere. I know i wasnt part of the Unit group of yours, but like I have told you before you are part of our block, you cant lose us that easily : )