Saturday, November 1, 2008

ohh a car ride with the family. . .

I am currently on my second Canton trip and can I just say this one is STARTING OUT much different so we will see what the day will bring! In Mom's little Ford Escape there is Mark and me, Mom, Dad, and Adam. Oh my goodness it is CRAZINESS!! I have not had this many "MOVE", "YOUR ON ME!", "HUSH I AM TRYING TO SLEEPS" since I have gotten married. Geez louise! It is just a complete contrast from Mark's family of girls who were all prim and proper and this is definitely NOT! Needless to say, it is something I have missed. For instance what is happening right now is Daddy (who is in the back with me), is putting his foot over the front seat to bother Adam, who is currently looking for a weapon to stab him with. There is always something going on. . . Ooh Adam just found and pen and is throwing it back here at us! Mark is just sitting here giggling at it all.

Yesterday Canton was alot of fun, I got a few things and didn't spend too much money. I got something for the house, something for my classroom, and some Cajun nut mix for Mark. Pictures to come I promise. Today will be fun at Canton, I am hoping to get a roasted turkey leg, some corn, and maybe a Christmas door hanger. Either way, it will be fun just to be with family, and we will all enjoy the "closeness" of the atmosphere :-).

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Jennifer said...

Your story reminds me of my family as well as Jon's. There were five kids and so when we all went for rides anywhere in the car it was chaos. I am glad you have fun though.

- Jennifer Newsham