Sunday, April 18, 2010

14 Things

Well, I am almost 14 weeks pregnant so I decided to write 14 things about being 14 weeks pregnant. . .

1. I am beginning to feel much more human again. For a while, all I could do was sleep and eat bland foods. Now when I say sleep, I mean sleep, like come home, fall on the couch, and be out for hours at a time. I have talked to countless other women that said there is not another tired like pregnancy tired, and boy were they right. This was by far my worst symptom. Luckily I have gained most of my energy back.

2. I am always wondering what the baby is and wish I knew already. . . I can't wait to know what color to buy!

3. One of the most annoying symptoms that is sticking around is the need to go to the bathroom at night! I mean seriously, around 4-5 o'clock every morning I am up and going to the bathroom, and then back to sleep again.

4. As of right now, I have never slept better. I used to always have trouble going to sleep, now I am a champion at it and I am really liking the change.

5. My eyes are no longer the first place people look; no this has changed to my belly. My mom is the funniest because you can just watch her eyes dance back and forth during a convo.

6. I don't like people touching my belly yet, even my own family. Right now it is just all guts and stuff that has been pushed up and out, so it is squishy, not hard, so it feels as if they are just petting my fat.

7. A pregnancy isn't always as ideal of a thing you think it will be. Sometimes there are things that are unexpected. This came as a surprise. I figured I would just be enamored by these "on top of cloud nine" feelings, but this has not always been the case. Don't get me wrong there have been some magical moments, but not all of them have been this way, and that was kind of a shock.

8. Yes I am in maternity clothes (some of them) because it is just way more comfortable to me.
9. I don't know how much weight I have gained, and I am kind of scared to find out. I didn't loose any in the first trimester because I never got sick, I was just nauseous. So hmm. . .

10. I don't think any hormones have kicked in, but I may not be the one you need to ask ;-)

11. Everyone asks you how you are feeling. . . it is a question that comes up daily. I like it though, it shows others are concerned.

12. I asked Mark what is one thing that has changed since I have become pregnant to which he replied "You sleep and eat more." He is equally as excited about our little one!

13. I wonder when I will be able to feel the baby move. I know that is one thing that will definitely be magical, and I am so ready for that.

14. I also wonder when I will get a legit baby bump (and how much longer I can make pre-pregnancy teaching clothes last. Each week my choices become slimmer, while my waistline gets bigger hehe).

Well there you have it, 14 things about being 14 (almost) weeks pregnant!

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awww yay sounds so exciting :)