Sunday, May 2, 2010

Marvelous May

Finally, we are in the month of May! I don't think I have ever looked more forward to school being out then I have now. I think it is because I am with and in charge of a bunch of kids who are ready to be out too! We only have 4 weeks left, three with all the kids and one with only a few children. It is sad that it is all coming to a close. I will say this though, I have worked harder than I have in my entire life. It is pressure beyond belief, long hours, tiring work, but so much fun! I love teaching and watching little minds learn. I love it when I get surprised by a chid who can do something that I didn't think they could do before, or they show uncharacteristically hard work ethic. I am excited about the upcoming weeks too. We have field day, water day, Skating day for AR, the talent show. . . Lots of things going on. Also my grandmother and mother are coming up to teach them how to plant grass seeds and watch them grow. So it should be fast and furious.

I am excited about summer being around the corner. Of course we have got the summer mostly booked with youth stuff and Cliftones, and doctors appointments. It is probably going to be where we do a majority of the work around the house, such as setting up a nursery and getting ourselves decluttered. It is going to be a lot of work and we are definitely going to be busy, but I am so ready.

I also know that I need a hobby. I am not crafty at all, and I don't have the money to do crafts anyway. I don't like to scrapbook really, I don't really don't know what I would like to do. Any suggestions would be wonderful!

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Chris and Lydia said...

Take up photography! You have a few months to practice, and when the little one gets here you'll be ready!

My sister has been pushing me to practice because, well, I suck. And she is awesome. ( She lives to far away to take daily pictures of our little guy once he gets here, so she is trying to get me to learn.

And its a relatively inexpensive hobby if you already have a digital camera; just delete and start over!