Saturday, May 22, 2010

Plenty of Thanks. . . To Mom

I was thinking about writing this post yesterday as I was walking around all the busses, letting the kids out for their last day of school. It was a bittersweet moment saying goodbye to these kids who I have seen almost every day for an entire semester. This then turned me to thinking about the semester as a whole and about the fact that I actually made it through and did it! However, I knew that this feat was not on my own, in fact I am certain that there were many a times I would have drowned and gone under had it not been for the wisdom, guidance, help, and encouragement of my mom.

My mom really acted as another mentor teacher for me. She was someone I could run to in times of stress, or when I needed something done, when I had questions, and never once did she refuse me. Not once did she say, "Well why did you do that? That was wrong and stupid." She always encouraged me instead, even when it was a wrong move on my part, or I didn't get something done on time. What she gave me the most was what I needed and longed for, which was understanding. She understood the enormous amount of stress that comes with teaching first graders, the sheer amount of paper work that was now thrust upon me, the knowledge that I would make mistakes, I would loose things, I would loose my temper, all of these things she backed me up, reminding me I could do this, and this is my calling.

I also went to her for ideas (all this while she was taking 9 hours, a full load, of masters courses). My mother is seriously the best teacher I know, and I am not just saying this out of a biased notion. She has the best ideas, the greatest resources, and the highest energy level of any teacher I have ever met. I loved for her to come into my room and to teach her lessons as a counselor, because I never got tired of watching her, trying to learn from her. In all honesty, when I first began I was scared, scared that people thought they were going to get another "Traci Jones" and knowing I was no where near that. Scared I was going to disappoint them when they figured it out. However, I soon came to realize this could be a goal of mine, something I can strive to be, and it is ok if I am not right now. What a great thing, to desire so much to be like your mom. I am lucky.

Because of all of her help, even the little, but really big things she does, like helping me come and organize how my classroom should be packed back up, I know I am lucky. I think to myself "Can I be as good of a mom as her? Will I be as nice, patient, hardworking, and loving towards Reid as she is towards me and Adam?" I can only hope so. So Mom, thank you, from the bottom of my heart, thank you for helping me, loving me, and working so hard! I love you!

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