Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Halloween

For Halloween this year we had a new member, and of course he was the cutest of all. Reid went to our church's "Trunk or Treat" celebration as a sweet pea! See below

I think this is him in his daddy's arms

This is me and him :-) Please excuse the tired eyes, it had been a long night.
Here he is with his Grammy and one of her friends whose grandbaby was 4 months old.

This is my cousin Kyndall and her puppy Kizzy who went as a pirate.

"But wait, I shoulda been a pirate"

"Because I can make the perfect face! See!"

"But I guess it's ok to be a sweet pea, I am the sweetest baby"


Chris and Lydia said...

He seems so animated, love the picture of him winking.

And compared to the four month old he looks huge! Just as long for sure, just not as chunky.

Jennifer said...

He is so cute!! Thanks for sharing pictures of your beautiful little boy!

Lori said...

I didn't know you blogged! Hello! Where have I been? It's good to know though - just one more way to keep up with family!