Saturday, November 13, 2010

Road Trip!

So this weekend we took a road trip to Dallas. By we I do mean the whole family, Mark, myself, and Reid. Believe me I was as nervous taking this trip as you are probably reading this sentence. It is unbelievable how much stuff you must take for a baby for just really a day and a half solid. Ugghh. . .

Anyway, the night before we left, we had some friends stop by that had a littlle baby girl 5 days after I had Reid. This poor girl, was due 2 weeks before me, and I ended up having him early and she went 2 days late. I felt for her. Anyway, her baby, Audy, is adorable, and oh so tiny, or maybe it is just my son is a beast of a man. Here is a pic to justify

Big huh?

Anyway the reason we went was for Mark and the Cliftones to play a set at a mission's organization's coffee shop thing they had for students. It was good and Reid did well, sleeping through most of it (considering it started 30 minutes late, at 10:30 P.M. and they played for an hour, I would hope he would have. Sorry, no picture from that night :-(

After we finished there we headed back to the hotel room that Mark's parents had graciously purchased for us to stay in. This was such a blessing and I thank them from the bottom of my heart, as I am sure that everyone else at Scott and Blake's apartment would have. Because you see, the poor boy was constipated, which meant that from 2:20 to 5 he was up atleast every 45 mins. We just went over and did what we could, until we finally gave him a suppository at 5. Well then he was asleep for another 45 mins and then he was hungry and then fussy after that. Needless to say it was a long night. We are lucky duckies though, becuase even when he is uncomfortable he doesn't scream non-stop, he squeals and grunts, but doesn't really ever just cry and cry! Thank you Lord for this blessing!

"So what I was up all night, I'm still cute!! (And wet!)"

After getting him up and dressed and another big (and unaided mind you) poopy, we headed to Daddy's favorite place in Dallas, Guitar Center. While the Little Man ate, daddy played around on a few guitars, deciding which one he would get for a near future purchase. The man needs one, he has been playing the same hand-me-down guitar from his brother since high school. Granted it is a good guitar, one he fell in love with playing on, but it is time for something else. Of course we had to commemorate this event in our son's life.

Lastly we went to Ft. Worth to visit a family friend of mine who had a baby boy this past Tuesday. Here they are together!

Welp going home finally from this crazy weekend!

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