Saturday, November 6, 2010

sorry for the hiatus

So it has been a while on the blogging front for me. To tell you the truth I am not even really sure why it has been so long, I have really just been away from my computer. I haven't even been doing anything exciting or of any worth, just taking care of our baby boy. Which really calls for a "Read about Reid" post don't you think?

1. Reid is still a happy baby. Granted he has had his share of gastric troubles, but even that has not affected his smile. Especially at late night feedings, when he is falling asleep, that little booger can be oh so cute.

2. He is now completely on formula and doing well, and is almost on a regular pooing schedule. We are giving him an extra feeding of diluted pear juice to encourage this :)

3. He is beginning to figure out his own sleeping schedule. One day he was up ALL afternoon, we are talking seriously maybe a fitful 30-45 of sleep (put together) for the whole afternoon/evening. Then the next day I couldn't keep him up, he would fall asleep as he finished his bottle. Now he is napping pretty good. The next milestone to cover, moving him to his own room (yikes! bites lip)

4. He is still in new born clothes, and SOME 0-3 month stuff. He really doesn't have a whole lot of long sleeve stuff, and it is beginning to get much colder.

5. He is starting to get a small amount of baby acne :-( poo for this

6. He is the center of all the family's world right now! On both sides! I have never seen any of them so in love!

7. He likes to listen to music and to hear his daddy sing.

8. He really enjoys being on his tummy (especially for sleeping). I think it makes it feel better at times.

9. He has not projectile spit up once since we switched him and for this I am thankful!

10. He grunts more than any kid I have ever been around. I am prettys sure it is his love language.

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