Saturday, November 27, 2010

Thanksgiving Greatness

Well, we are finally back from a whirlwind Thanksgiving weekend.  What a crazy, but fun time it was.

First we headed out to my maternal family's side for a huge get together.  We are talking 50 people!  Anyway, we went there first for lunch, even though it was technically Mark's family's year to decide how everything would work and for where we would go, they were gracious enough to move their festivities to dinner so we could make the first celebration.  My great grandmother, Reid's great-great grandmother was going to be there, and we wanted a chance for him to meet her and to take a five generation picture.  Believe me when I say I know how rare it is to have 5 generations all together, but even more rare to have a pair of them.  My paternal great grandmother is still alive too.  Here is the five generation picture.
5 generations! Me, my grandmother, mother, and great-grandmother, and Reid

We left from Maud and headed out to Tyler to spend the rest of our weekend with Mark's family.  We even got their early, which is great for us!  Here is a picture we all got together!
The Clifton Clan
Of course the real star of the show was Mr. Man.  He was held ALL WEEKEND LONG!  Every diaper change and feeding (when he wasn't nursing, more on that story later though) was at least a 3 person event.  It was wonderful to get a mini break, take a shower, you know all the things that those of you without a newborn now take for granted lol.  
Uncle Blake

Everyone took a turn feeding him

Uncle Scott
Uncle Wade and Reid in the cutest overalls ever!
Pops and Reid
 To end our weekend in Tyler, we stopped by a high school friend of Mark's for a mini thanksgiving reunion.  It was great to see Mark's friends from high school who have graciously accepted me into their circle!  We are blessed.  At this get together we also got to finally meet Reid's future wife in person.  Our dear friends Amy and Brant Gutherie had sweet little Allison just 4 days before Reid was born.  Here they are getting to know each other.
Reid flirting with Allison
 Reid also found yet another friend in the living room fan.
Checking out the ever so intriguing fan
 We all had a fun time visiting before going home to rest!  Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
All the gals and Reid
All tuckered out!

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