Thursday, January 20, 2011

Order Up!

 For this blog post I am going to be showing you a recipe I go out of the cookbook above.  This was given to me as a wedding present (though I do not remember who from) and I LOVE IT.  Let me warn you, I am not a cook, I do not like it, but I do it out of necessity.  This is GREAT for someone like me.  There are quick and easy recipes broken down in categories (salads and sides, soups and breads, mains, and desserts) that are all categorized by the season.  For example this came out of the winter season of soups and breads.  I made what is called "Easy Potato Soup" and guess what, it really was easy!  Here is what you gotta do.

First you have to peel 4-5 potatos.  Here I have 2 extra because I had some smaller potatos to choose from.
Yes I know I am not the best peeler in world, so sue me
 After you have peeled the potatos, you have to wash them of course!
We don't want anyone getting sick now do we?

For this next part you will need this handy little tool that I just LOVE!

Now that you have peeled and washed potatos you must cube them, very hard and time consuming unless you have a chop wizard.  I absolutely love this thing and for all you non-chef cheaters out there like me, this is the way to go!
Cut and cube the washed taters.  Be careful with the knife though!
 Once you have all the potatos cubed, pour them into your waiting crockpot. 

Disclaimer:  Those cool crockpot liner things, definitely worth the investment!  I have used them countless times, but ran out for this recipe, hence why I have caked on tater soaking overnight!
After you have chopped and placed the potatos in the crockpot add your cream of chicken and cream of celery soups.
 Along with a soup can full of water then set aside the can to be used later. 

  And set your crockpot on high to let the mixture cook for 2-3 hours, or until the potatos have reached the desired tenderness.  Just a side note, mine weren't that tender, but we had to go and cheer on a jr. high girls' basketball game so I just went ahead and finished it out. 

Don't forget to stir occassionally.

 After 2-3 hours during which you have cleaned your previous mess (yeah right) and put your child down for a nap (aka slept with him on the couch so he would acutally sleep) come right on back for phase 2. 
Here is what it should look like (maybe lol) after 2-3 hours.

Now remember how I told you to go ahead and set aside the can, here is where you need it again.  Pour a can of milk into the crockpot.

Here I am pouring the milk and splattering it all on the sides!
Next grab your instant potatos and pour in as much as you want until you get a desired consistency.  For me this was just one of the two packages in this box. After this just leave it for another 2-3 hours (while you're at a b-ball game) and when you get home you have yummy potato soup on a very cold night!

Don't forget to stir continuously until it is all good and mixed to your desired consistency.
The finised product

The end result!
Hope you have enjoyed my first recipe post.  It is not very good because number 1 I couldn't find my camera so had to use my iPhone to take pictures with and then e-mail them and save and upload (yucky), and number 2 because the pics got all jumbled and would work with me/let me type where I wanted to.

All in all a pretty good and easy recipe, just start early.

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