Monday, January 3, 2011

Read about Reid

Yep it is that time again!

1.  He is the cutest little boy in the world.  Figured I would start with a given;-)

2.  He is incredibly mild mannered, given the parents he has lol.  He really doesn't throw that many fits, though he has his moments on certain days.  I don't like those days and I don't think he does either.  Generally he is pretty chill and goes with the flow pretty well.

3.  He loves to smile!  My aunt says that when he smiles, it just goes all over him and he smiles ALL OVER! Seriously it takes up his whole face he smiles so big!  It makes your heart melt!

4.  He loves to smile at the baby in the mirror of his play mat!  He thinks that is the best playmate.

5.  He doesn't like tummy time at all!  I think this is because we put him to sleep on his belly (shh don't tell) and he associates it with bed time.  

6.  He is starting to suck on his hands, trying to suck his thumb!  I do NOT want this to happen at all!  I would rather him take to a paci because you can throw that away easier then you can throw away a thumb!

7.  He is sleeping through the night now.  If he does wake up I let him cry it out, and usually after 2-4 minutes he is back asleep again.  Sometimes he will flip himself over and that makes him really mad!  

8.  He likes to sleep right next to you.  The other day at Mark's parents house it was cold so we put him in between us (not something that will become routine, my bed is exactly that, MY BED!) and then again last night when our programming on the heater messed up and I woke up to the house at 60 degrees, we did the same thing.  Well both times he ended up moving close to me, and got it to where I only had about my body's width of room. . . on a king sized bed!  

9.  We now have a bedtime routine, consisting of a bath, a book, and eating, where he will hopefully fall asleep nursing (the only session he is allowed to do this on).  It has made a lot of difference in how he sleeps throughout the night.  Mark and I take turns with nightly baths and lotioning.  We use the Johnson bedtime bath and lotion, which smells just so dern good!

10.  He is starting to become more interested in watching things.  I am starting to show him some baby einstein videos, which will hopefully let me get some housework done, while he might learn a bit.  

Welp, there you have it.  

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Chris and Lydia said...

Way to go getting him to sleep through the night! I'm thinking we are going to have to be more forceful on that ouseleves...Otto thinks he has to eat everytime he wakes up:(