Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year and a Jumbled Christmas Post!

Happy New Year!!  It is a wonderful day, the start of a brand new year, one that I am hoping is not going to be near as eventful as 2010 was.  I don't think I could handle it!

Anyway, Christmas comes before New Year, so I guess I can tell you a little about that with quite a few pictures. However, when I put my pictures into the computer, somehow they all got jumbled, so they ended up all out of order.  Well I was picking them out of my Events and so they are all out of order here, so it will be a jumbled Christmas post!

 It was a great Christmas, one were Reid was COMPLETELY spoiled!   This picture is from Christmas Eve at my grandmother's house.  He was completely worn out by the end of the day!
Aren't they the cutest Christmas P.J.'s?  Got them from a consignment shop!  Lydia you should be proud!
Here is Reid helping Daddy play "Fat Santa", one of the many games played!

This is Reid and Grandpa Christmas morning at like 6:30

Opening Presents

Cutest stocking from Kohls!  $5!  Be jealous!

Got some books to read!

Having a good Christmas Morning!

 On Christmas Day, the Clifton family was nice enough to come to our house!  Reid has so much fun with all the Uncles!

Reid with Uncle Blake
Reid with his Nana
Reid has 5 Uncles!  No Aunts!  Here he is with all of them!

We got him a small stroller from Santa so we could take it to Tyler instead of our massive jogging one!
 On December 18th we went to Dallas for my paternal grandparent's Christmas.  We had a great time playing all kinds of games that my great grandmother came up with!
Family pic before opening presents!

This is a 5 Generation Picture!  Reid has two of those on my side of the family.  
 Remember when we went on our crazy round trip to Houston and Bryan?  If not, you can read about that here, where I promised pictures.  Well here they are!
Four generations with Mark's paternal grandmother
And here is 4 generations with Mark's maternal grandparents!  

This is his 2 month photo that I forgot to put up because I am a bad forgetful mom!

And there hasn't been just a me and Mark picture in a while, so I thought one was needed.

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Chris and Lydia said...

I am so proud! 95% of Otto's wardrobe is a hand-me-down or from a consignment store; best way to shop!

And the five generations thing? So cool! Otto barely has four. (My paternal grandparents are in their late eighties.)