Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Family Fun, First Snow, 3 Months old!

Wow what a crazy week it has been!  We have hung out with family, Reid has turned 3 months old, and has experienced his first snow day!!  We will take it slow!

First things first, family fun!  My dad's sister came in last week from dallas and we had fun hanging out with her, her daughter, and her niece (my cousin).  Here are a few pictures.

If you have never had Pizza King pizza before it is AMAZING!  

It is a family run pizza shop that is Mmm Mmm Good!

This is my cousin Emilie who is a sweetie and very helpful!

This is my other cousin Kenady and my grandfather having fun with Reid

We can tell who is the center of attention can't we?

The girls are so sweet and love him to death!

They decided to help me with his bedtime routine that night :-)

Later on this week, big man turned 3 months old!!!  I can't believe how fast he has gone from l

This, taken on his first night at home.
To this, a big strapping 3 month old!

Who is so happy

And so gosh darn cute!
3 months is great, he is starting to reach for stuff, is getting more control over his hands, smiles a ton, and tries SSSSUUUPPPPEEERRR hard to laugh out loud.  He sucks in real hard when he is attempting, he just can't get the giggle out yet!  

Lastly we had his first ever snow day, unless of course you count last year's snow in February, we had just found out we were pregnant the day before.  

Last year's snow, and the beginning of a long pregnancy! Can you tell we are kinda nervous

Last year's snow again, but so gosh darn pretty!

Yeah last year one more time!  Before our lives changed to. . .
This year's snow. . .

With an outside baby!!  

Whom we all love!  

So happy to be a family!  Can't wait until he really starts to play in it!

Until then we will all just have some fun!

Well hopefully that catches everyone up.  He has taken a surprisingly long nap and let me complete this post (and clean before hand).  If only it were that way every day!

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chelsea jenkins said...

Great post Kristen! I love you and love reading about your family!