Friday, February 4, 2011

Many Things A Happening

Many things are going on here at the Clifton household.  Well actually not really going on, but are in the works I guess you could say.  Reid is a major part of that, he is growing and changing just about every day!  It is crazy!  Just trying to keep up with him is exhausting at times and he is not even mobile yet.  Here are just a few things looming on the horizon. 

1.   One of the things that is going to happen soon is hopefully the start of solids!  Yikes, where did the time go?  My baby boy is getting so big and I really think this will be good for him and that he is ready!  While I am not sure what solids we will start him on exactly, whether it will be cereal or veggies, he will begin it hopefully within the next week after our 4 month doctor visit!

2.   Another looming prospect is the possibilty of us selling our car.  Now so you know I LOVE THIS CAR!  If I didn't have a baby it would be perfect!  It is small, cute, compact, has tons of great features, and it was a car that a grandma drove from her house to the store and beauty shop and back (hence only have 15000 miles when we bought it!).  Sadly though it is just too small now.  In order for the car seat to fit in the back, my seat has to be scooted up all the way to the dash just about!  Not only is this not safe, but if we have another kid sometime in the future, they definitely wont fit, becuase there is no way Mark could drive and be that close at the same time! Luckily we have an interested buyer, my cousin who is heading off to college soon, and needs a good reliable car, with low miles.  We just have to find something that is big enough for two children at least.  Thus the search begins.

3.  Another thing that I am debating on purchasing is the zumba fitness workout DVDs.  I am looking for something that I can do fast, and most importantly, that I enjoy doing and would look forward to doing every day.  I love dancing, so I think this would help solve a lot of my problems.  Mark and I are currently giving weight watchers a try (me on the free week long trial) and are seeing good results, I just need a work out routine, something that would help me get back in shape.  My goal is to fit into my wedding dress by our anniversary on June 14.  I think that this is a good and achievable goal.

So there you have it, some of the musings that are going through my head at the moment.  If you have any advice on any of it then please leave me a comment and an opinion!

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Meagan Joye said...

So many exciting things!
1. Leeland doesn't like Rice Cereal so we're all fruits and veggies over here! He loves eating and I'm sure Reid will too!
2. Our car is a little small as well but it works! I'm trying to milk it out as long as possible. I want a Ford Flex! :) (Although I know everyone thinks they're ugly. I don't think it's ugly and it's low to the ground making carseat transition much easier!)
3. What kind of floors do you have? I was looking into buying Zumba dvd's but read in the reviews that it's hard to do on carpet.

That's my thoughts to go with your thoughts! :)