Sunday, February 6, 2011

Happy Birthday!

Happy 3 year old birthday. . . to my blog. . . Yesterday (the 5th)!  Haha!  I forgot to update this yesterday, however it is hard to believe that I started this blog 3 years ago!  Wow, what all has happened in these short three years.  I have gone from being single and in college to being a married, college graduate, who worked for a semester, and now has a kid!  Soo much has happened, and I am thankful that I have been semi-faithful to record what all has gone on for the most part. 

This blog holds so many great memories from the wedding, to senior year of college craziness, to Christmas number 1 with my man, to a new job/moving/getting a puppy, to our first anniversarymy college graduation, to a new job, then finding out we were pregnant shortly after, to deciding to not return to my new found job the next school year to stay home with Reid, finally figuring out we were going to have boy, to another anniversary/ start of a long summer on the road, to having to move at 8 months pregnant and remodel an old house before we could live there, to giving birth naturally to a beautiful healthy baby boy, to our first Christmas as a family, as well as Reid's first snow day , I would say it it has been a pretty eventful 3 years!  It really makes me wonder if life will ever slow down!!!  I wouldn't trade it for anything.  I can look back and see how much God has blessed me and taken care of me and my my family in more ways than I can count.  To Him be all the glory, we did none of it, and deserve no credit.  We have had the help of great family and friends and I owe a big thank you to all of them for the time invested into Mark and me.  We love you all.


Lee Ann said...

Love your blog and you!

Louis Wilson said...

kristen, i saw you on blog the other day and i created mine on feb 5th how odd!