Monday, February 28, 2011


Ok I know, I know, it has been WAY to long in between posts and for this I am sorry.  I do have a slight excuse though.  I have all the pictures that I need to put up, some of recipes, some of projects, most of the Reid Man, but my  card reader has been broken so I had to wait to get a new one.  Until I have time to sit down and write a fairly decent post, here are a few pics to hold you over, and a preview of some blog topics to come.

This would be one project I undertook myself, building Reid's bookshelf

We had a d-now in Jan.  I am nex to the kid in the gray jacket on the right.

I've tried a new cookie Recipe

This big boy has turned 4 months old!!!!

And is still happy as ever!

We've taken a trip to the lake and had a picnic

Reid's first lake trip with Mommy!

We have started solid foods!

I have made a cake and icing from scratch. . .

And celebrated Daddy's 25th birthday

With some big smiles

and extra cuteness!

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Chris and Lydia said...

He is so so cute Kristen! If you ever decide to give him away, I'm first in line, okay? :)

And that cake looked great, good job! I've always been a terrible baker, nothing ever comes out the way it should!