Thursday, April 7, 2011

This Week and PICTURES!!!

This past week has been a little off for the whole family. . . For starters I have been up at the school since Monday helping give the TAKS test.  For those who don't know what that is, it is the standardized test that Texas gives out to all their students, grades 3-12.  It stands for Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills.  Anyway, I have been having to be up at the school by 7:30 everyday (Mon, Tues, and Wed).  Because of this Reid has had to make other arrangements.  He has had two daddy days and then took an adventure with my grandmother and aunt (his great grandmother and great aunt)  to visit my great grandmother (his great great).  Anyways, he had a good time, got in some good lovin' from different people, and has been thoroughly spoiled in my absence.  However, this small hiatus has led to a major break in schedule.  Daddy is good, but he isn't like mommy in making the little tike stay in his crib even when he wakes up screaming in the middle of a nap.  And you can just forget sleep if you're with Aunt Lori, so he did!

So that leaves me with today, trying my hardest to get a schedule of some sort while also trying to get myself rested and feeling a little better.  This is no easy task!  Seriously!  Like today when I had him sound asleep in my arms and when I laid him down he just started screaming.  I just left him there to have him cry it out. . . Poor guy, he is just like me, it takes him a while to get to sleep and OH DOES HE FIGHT IT!  I guess this is what they call paying for your raising. . .

On another note, to end the week Mark's family is coming down to practice for Cliftones.  It will be a good time for us to host them and them to get to play with Reider!  In fact instead of sitting here doing this blog, I should be cleaning and preparing for their arrival, making a shopping list, etc.  However, I can take a breather for a minute because I have a wonderful mother who after 3 days of coordinating TAKS and teachers, and subs, and students came and watched my baby and CLEANED my living room and did some of my laundry!!!  Yes I know people, I have the best mother in the whole wide world!!  Be jealous!  Seriously though I need to get up and get moving because he s actually staying asleep!  Come back though, I hope to get a chance to put 6 month pictures up as well as those from California!
5 months old
6 months old
Yea for being big!


Living a Changed Life said...
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Jennifer said...

Reid is so cute!! Thanks for posting more pictures of him. He is changing so quickly.