Wednesday, April 27, 2011


So I have been watching my little man that is supposed to be napping in his crib on the video monitor.  He has been scooting all around his crib, getting up on all fours and rocking, and looking around, basically everything but falling back to sleep.  In fact mere moments ago I looked and he was completely turned around, up on all fours, with this blanket over his head.  Geez Louise, what is a mom to do?  Seriously any suggestions would be great.  He is getting to be more mobile, which might mean more defiance, which in turn means parenting is really about to kick in for Mark and me.

I think I have also hit a turning point in another area, I decided I need to blog more.  While this is an obvious thing, I know it is something I will either look back and be grateful that I took the time to get it all down or look back and say "I wish I could have remembered this" or "why didn't I ever chronicle that?"  I have not been in the habit of becoming a consistent blogger and I know I need to be, especially if I want more people reading this then just my family.  It is going to take time and effort to transform the blog into what I want it to be, sometimes this may not be what I exactly want to spend my time on, but I know it will be worth it in the long haul.  My preliminary goal is to blog at least twice a week to start with.  While this may not sound like a stretch to many of you, it does to me, because let's face it, I don't believe that my life is really that exciting.  However, there needs to be something I can talk about on a semi daily basis, so in order to make that happen I must make sure I am doing SOMETHING.

This brings me to my next issue, mission FIND A HOBBY.  You might remember me asking for suggestions in one of my previous posts (that I cannot seem to find for the life of me!) and I did get a few.  However I think I have a few things in my head that I might be willing to try out.  I want to learn to do something productive/creative but for this very uncreative gal it is going to be a struggle.  I have a list of things I would like to learn how to do but at the top (a.k.a. the things I am going to give a go at first) are sewing/embroidery and scrapbooking.  Not at the same time though!  How am I going to do this you ask.  Well my Noni has just about everything under the sun including an embroidery machine that she no longer remembers how to use.  I am hoping to get the instructions and teach myself.  We will see.  It would be nice to make some more personalized shirts, burp rags, and other things for Reid as well as other babies.  I am hoping this will be easy(ish) to do since the machine does most of the thinking for you!  As far as the scrapbooking goes, my mother, grandmother, and aunt are all avid "scrappers" who have many tools and paper and all at their disposal that I believe they will let me try.  I have been told you don't have to be completely creative to be a scrapbook queen, you just have to be able to copy a picture out of a magazine, and this girl can copy like nobody's business :-)

The thing with me is that I want to be good at something right away.  I desperately want to be one of those people that something awesome just comes naturally do and I am able to do it, and do it very well. However, this is not me.  No, I am a determined person who is a hard worker.  Most things don't come completely natural to me.  While I might have some ability at many things I have to work hard to become one of the better players.  I just pray I am able to stick something out and not become discouraged and quit!

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Chris and Lydia said...

I'm no help with the mobility issue; we are struggling with the same thing. Wait until he starts standing!

You have access to an embroidery machine?! Awesome! That's on the list of 'things I want but am too cheap to buy'. Go learn how to use it! I read the manual to my machine and actually did everything as I read, great way to learn what it can do and check the condition of the machine at the same time. Watch lots of youtube videos, they seem to help me when I don't understand a sewing term. Good luck!