Saturday, April 30, 2011

Our Cute Easter Boy

So firsts things first, raise your hand if you watched the royal wedding this morning? Ok, so maybe I have been in school a little too long (try everyday this week!), but honestly I hope you got a chance to see it.  Seriously worth the 5 A.M. morning!  I didn't mean to watch it, but Reid was stirring around and I was awake, and decided this is a possible once in a lifetime thing to watch live so I turned on the television.  Just in time to see Kate make her entrance into Westminster Abbey.  One word, stunning. . .  The ceremony was beautiful, the singing was beautiful, everything was beautiful. . . However this is a post for another day and not what you click on to read about.  So I will give you what you want!

The church put on a community wide easter egg hunt.  Here is Reid with Daddy!

Haha, "No mo pictures!"

First egg hunt!

He did pretty good!

He had a great time

And is sitting up like a champ now!

Just in time for cute easter pictures!

It's a bird. . .

No, it's a plane. . .

No, it's SUPER BABY!

Yes that would be daddy chunking his first born as high as he could.

This is Lisa, my mom's best friend.  He LOVES her, and her hair!

Mark and I sang in the choir for our Easter Musical

This is our new music minister and his family who did so much work to get it all ready!

And this is the cutest Easter boy around!

Aren't the vest and tie just adorable?!

We aren't very dressy because we were in robes for the musical at church.

Eating carrots 

And making a mess.

Then going for a little swing.

And spending some time with his great great grandmother. . .

All in a good Easter day!

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