Friday, August 15, 2008

Life In General

Welp, it is at the end of yet another week! Summer is sadly drawing to a close and I am sssoo sad to see it go! Lots of things have happened this summer, and it has been probably the best one ever for me so far. I've got things done that I have wanted to get done and yet some things are still not where I would like for them to be. I got married and have had a fantastic first two months, they have been fun filled, blessed, and just so refreshing! I have been able to sorta learn how to do this wife thing and how to enjoy it a little bit. I have learned more about the man I now call my husband, which is one of the coolest things. I have done a lot of really cool things that have made this summer so special.

The thing I have not really done good at keeping up with is this dumb class. I wish I were further along in it than I am and that I had more gumption to actually do it. Sadly I don't have either! It would be so much easier if it was just a regular writing class, but it isn't (fooey), it is business memos and analyzing business procedures and junk, none of which excite me. It is ok right now because I have until March to complete it, which I can do!

Mark is enjoying his new job at Macedonia. We have met tons of people and have even made friends in our Sunday School class, which is good because now I have someone to sit by in church while he is up doing his music thing! Speaking of which he got to lead the entire church on only his second Sunday there last week! The music minister is on vacation for 2 weeks and so Mark is responsible for the music! And he did SSSSOOOO good last week! Everyone we spoke to had such nice things to say and enjoyed it! I was so proud of him! He leads again this next week, which will be fun and I think his brother and parents will be there then too! I am really excited about it.

So yeah, the new things coming up in our lives. First of all for me school is about to start into full swing! The semester I am going into is supposed to be one of the hardest and most intensive semesters yet and I am going to have 18 hours! Two of those classes I am supposed to have already taken, and shouldn't be in this semester so that is a little nerve wracking. Plus this other class that I am working on! Not to mention I am now a student and a wife! So all in all I am just a little nervous about going into it! I don't want to over do it, and I don't want to be miserable all semester either! It will be ok..

Mark is still in the beginnings of this new job so that is something to be praying and thinking about. He is also starting some guitar classes which are going to be really good! I don't want him to spread himself to thin either. Yeah, life is about to pick up real quick! Should be a fun ride!

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