Wednesday, August 27, 2008

School, School, and more School!

IT is officially underway!  Summer is really over, sadly!!  I am sitting at home right now finishing up homework, watching a John and Kate Plus 8 mini marathon (currently my favorite show), and waiting on Mark to come home from his Wednesday night duties at the church!  I haven't seen him since 7:40 this morning, and I miss him!  They haven't even begun church yet though, so it will be another 2 hours until he's here.  

Tomorrow I begin my last internship before I start student teaching.  For this internship I am actually out at Harleton Elementary which is cool!  I am excited about it, though dreading being there for all day.  I am there before 7:45 then leave at 2:30.  However, my day is not done there.  I have a class that I didn't know about from 3:45 to 4:45 then one last one (and my only class on Tuesday) from 5- 6:20.  So yeah, I have a feeling I am going to come to DREAD my thursdays just because they are non stop!  It will be ok though, it will be all worth it in the end I hope because I will end up with a degree!  

So yeah, that is our life right now, settling into a busier, more tiring, more work to do kind of days!!  It will become a routine, some days harder, somedays easier, but all worth it!  I have to admit I was very scared about this school year and being married during it!  I had a little mini breakdown with Mark while we were at the cabin actually, just relating my fears about what this year held and if I can do it.  He did very good, reassuring me everything was going to be ok!  He is actually allowing me not to work this next year in order that I have more time to accomplish all my classwork, housework, and everything in between and not be stressed out!  Yeah I told you he is a really amazing husband!   I don't know what I would do without him, I am so happy to be living everyday life with my soulmate!  Well I better get back to my homework.  

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JenniD said...

That is so awesome he is so understanding about your work and school schedule! You can do it girl! You're almost there!!