Friday, August 22, 2008

Major Brownie Points

So can I just say I have the best husband in the whole wide world! He earned some MAJOR brownie points this past week. Not that he really had to, but he definetely poured it on thick with all he did for me!

First of all he took me on a surprise day and half get away thing before I started school. He was supposed to be (and still is) getting away with a bunch of boys for half of a week, but when some of the days fell through, instead of just going to work until they could all get together, he went ahead and rented a cabin out at lake Tyler for me and him. He called me and told me to ask for Thursday off because we were going to get away! We left on Wednesday to spend our first night there, and so I am home doing the last minute packing before we leave and he comes walking in the door. With him he has brought me a pot of flowers! It is beautiful! He said he knew I liked them and had been wanting some so he picked some up for me! Yeah, he is smooth.

So after finding the perfect place to put them, we load up the car and head out there. We stop at Wal-mart to get supplies and he also gets me a book! I know he is sssoo awesome! Anyways, then we head out to the cabin, get all of our stuff inside, then walk down to the dock and look at the moonlit water. Then it's back up to get all settled in, which we do, and then we read for like 2 hours! Yeah and let me just tell you that is my favorite thing in the world to do, curl up with a good book and just read!! We felt like a bunch of old fogies because we both read and then went to bed hehe!

After a slow morning and waking up late, we ate a great breakfast, read somemore, and then decided to go swimming! Since it had been raining all week the water was a little cold, but that didn't stop us from having fun. I stayed in there for a little while, but then got out and laid on the dock and took pictures of him. We both layed there and just talked and relaxed for a good hour and a half. Once we had our fill of the sun we headed back up to the cabin to do what else, but continue to read our books, of which I was able to finish mine (it was ssoo good)! Then we took showers and got ready to go out for a nice dressed up dinner.

He took me to this really neat place in Tyler called Julianne's! It is a different kind of food, beef slices, rice, and all of that sort! It was really good and somewhere different to eat. We got to try Edamame, something I had heard about on Regis and Kelly, and had been looking for but could never find until now. After that it was off to see his parents and brother for a short visit! It was great to see them and to just chill out for a little bit! To finish off the date we went to Andie's and got some icecream! Yeah I know, he is doing amazing, but it isn't over!

If anyone knows Mark, they know he DOESN'T stay up late. He can't really, he just ends up falling alseep, unlike me, I am a night owl for sure! Well we get back and get ready for bed, but instead of going to sleep he sets up a movie to watch on my computer. We both stayed up and watched The Pursuit of Happiness, and Mark actually made it through the whole thing and then some! We talked until we both were delerious lol!! He also got up with me early this mornign because I had to be back at work, and packed up my stuff and put it in the car while I was getting ready! So yeah, that was my great get away with the best husband in the entire world! He is amazing to me!

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