Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Sunny with a High of 75

So I was informed by my mother that I don't update this thing enough, so I am going to make it my goal to update it more. I would say I would try to update everyday, but that probably isn't logical. My dream would be to do that, but I am sure once school starts I will be very busy!

Today is the day that freshman move in! Only problem is, outside is dark, and windy, and STORMY!! It is a horrible day to move in! Sadly our admissions friends are out there getting soaked to the bone! I feel so bad for them. Because freshmen are moving in today that means our office will probably become very busy with first time students and worse, first time parents!! It is funny because the parents are so worried they are forgetting something, there is something they havn't done, and they just want to be perfect their first time, which in all reality no one is. They just tend to freak a little bit more!

Today after work Mark and I are heading off to the lake in Tyler for a one day get away thing before I begin school! He was supposed to be going up there with just boys (which the boys are coming still), but they are coming a day later, so he surprised me with setting us up to be there the day before all his buddies come. I was and am so excited to just get away and relax, even if it is for only a day! It was really the thought and actions that counted, the fact he thought of me and set it all up! I have the best husband in the entire world, I just know it!

I am so sad this summer is days away from being over. I don't want it to end. I am not ready to go back to school and be stressed and tired and just everything else in the whole world! Hopefully it will not be so bad, and all I have to tell myself is "get through to May and you're done, make it to May!" That is a nice feeling knowing I am a senior and I am almost done! I don't feel like a senior in college, I can't believe I am actually to this point in my life. I know I am supposed to be a grown up and to the outside, I probably look like more of one than ever (what with being married and all). In reality though, I feel as if I am like still a sophomore or something, like I am stuck in the middle, waiting to grow up. It is happening before my eyes and even I am not noticing lol!! Oh well! Hope to have some pictures up soon!

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