Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Getting it accomplished

So as of right now I am sitting in the library where I have been for hours on end feeling very accomplished and proud of myself. I just got done 3 WHOLE unit lessons. Like pretty much all the stuff for them and everything! I just lack 2 little things that I am going to ask about tomorrow, but for the most part those 2 are DONE!!! WWOOOHHHOOOO!! Now I only have like 6 more to go lol!! I have ideas for them for the most part, it is just time consuming and tedious to write them all down. This is why I needed the blogging break because I knew I needed to start and get ahead on the next few that I have coming up, but I also needed a break from the tediousness of it

Today has been ok. Mark is at downpour and wont be home for like another hour and a half which is probably why I have gotten so much done lol. That and I just sat down and went to work actually. It feels so good to be marking things off my little list on my post-it note in my planner. Though there are a million more projects such as finishing my children's book that I have been writing for class, doing 10 more book reviews out of the 50 I have to finish over the semester, making 8 writing center lesson plans and one real one, finishing the rest of my unit lessons and a billboard, teaching two lessons in my internship, writing refelctions on how it goes, writing chapter reflections before tests for a class, tests in general, typing an observation (which I probably should do next), and well you get the idea. It sounds like so much, but what I have already finished looks good too. I am just trying to stay on top of it all, but sometimes I just get so tired of always doing work.

This day was pretty good. Despite me being stupid at certain points I have enjoyed it. I opened my car door and the edge of it caught my head, so that didn't feel to great, but other than that nothin major. Tomorrow we are going to a Magnet school in shreveport so that should be exciting. Well I guess that is about all for right now, plenty of things to do and not enough time to do them!

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