Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Still here. . .

Once again you find me sitting the library working on what else but school. The library has now become a home away from home for me because I have been here sssoo much this semester. I am constantly working on something. The good news is I got the majority of one notebook for a class knocked out. The unit is still looming over my head, but at least it is getting closer to being finished. I hate doing all these stupid little projects, but I have made it halfway, there is no turning back now.

Mark is at Conclave, a showcase for youth ministers is one way to put it. The Cliftones set up a booth there and show what they have to offer. It sounds pretty cool, though I have never been able to go, but he always comes home with cool stories. I am ready for him to come home tonight, he has been gone since Sunday afternoon and I miss him alot! Especially at night, when everyone is settleing in for the night. I went to my parents house last night for some good supper and to get laundry for me and my brother. Yeah I know, I have wonderful parents. It was fun to see them and nice to have someone cook me a meal lol.

I then went back to my house and ended up staying up watching my wedding video! I love that thing, I mean I love home videos, but my wedding will always be special. I just remember that day as being such a happy and exciting one that I love to go back and relive it. Yeah I know, I am a dork, sitting in the dark, watching my wedding, but what else is a girl to do? Well, I guess to should stop taking my break and get back to work. I have two article reviews I have to do and I haven't even found the articles yet. I never feel caught up. . . never. Maybe thats because it is neverending lol!!

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