Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Long Long week

It has been one of the longest weeks and it is only halfway over.  School problems with stupid classes and just the amount of work has been the name of the game, which can make it very trying.  I spent ALL DAY Tuesday trying to iron out things, but only time will tell.  It just made for a really really long day.  I even drove out to Mark at one point because things just got way to overwhelming for me.  Babyish. . . maybe, but at the time I didn't care.  Please just be in prayer for the school situation, more information will come later on what is really going on.

Then today, it started with classes, homework due, lectures, and a trip to attempt to go and get ice that resulted in a ticket.  Not for speeding or reckless driving, but for a registration sticker being out!  I also didn't have a current insurance card, but I keep all of my old ones in my glove compartment so after giving him around probably 8 of them, he said "I reassure you Mrs. Clifton I believe 100% you have insurance" so that was good.  Anyways, I thought he was going to let me go with like and "okay go do it", but sadly thats not what happened.  He ended up writing me a ticket, which then ended up as a crying phone call to Mark for the second day in a row.  Poor Mark.  He was so great about it though, telling me it was ok, he should have noticed it too, it was just one of those things.  

I really do have the best husband in the world.  He encourages me, is level headed, helps me out with stuff more than words can say, just is constantly selfless, God blessed me over and above with him.  

Well I guess I should stop putting off unit lessons and the lesson I am supposed to teach tomorrow and get to work.  

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