Sunday, October 26, 2008

Life in general

Life in general is still going on here at good ol' ETBU. I am still in classes and sadly I have found out I will be there until this next December. It was a long time coming and no matter how hard I worked, how many hours I took, how hard I tried, it all stopped when a dean in the english department refused to go and ask the higher ups above her to help me out. Such is life. . . So it is looking like one more year at ETBU rather than just one more semester. It is sometimes kind of hard to swallow as I sit in all of these senior classes with all of my senior friends and I realize as they are literally counting down the days until graduation (and believe me it gets announced every week how many are left) I will not be walking with them this May. I wish I would have known how inevitable this was because I would have done my scheduling alot differently. Oh well, there is a reason for everything.

I have a couple of prayer requests. One prayer request is for me. I am trying to figure out where I would need to work this coming up year. I have about 3 places I am thinking about, but all of them have their pros and cons. I am planning on talking to about all of them to see how well they would work with me. . . I hope it all works out. Please just be in prayer that I would feel God's guidance, that I would know which one to do, that they would work with my schedule, and that it would fit into my busy life and I would not be oevrwhelmed this rest of this first year of marriage.

The second is for Mark. . .I don't remember if I have told this or not, but he is looking at going back to get his associates as a PTA (Physical Therapist Assistant). He is looking at Kilgore or Mt. Pleasant to do this at. Tomorrow he has an appointment with the head of the department at Kilgore to see if he can apply and start the program in the fall. Long story short, if they don't let him, he will have to wait an entire year until he can apply to be accepted in the program and start it. Please pray for God to just soften their hearts, for the higher ups to see how hard of a worker he is and recognize he knows how to do college with already having a bachelors and all. So yeah there are alot of changes. One thing that will happen if he gets in in the fall is that I will be student teaching (a.k.a. busy all day with no pay and no time for a 9-5 job) and he will be taking classes full time. We will both be needing a job that is flexible and that will sustain us through that time in our lives. We already have given it to God, but it has never hurt to ask for other prayers.

Thanks so much and I hope yall are all having a wonderful day!

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Lauren said...

I am so sorry to hear you will not be waling in May with us after all that hard work, but you know that we consider you one of us and you will always be part of our little block : ) and we love you dearly.

I will be praying for you as you and Mark are making these vital decisions in your life. I understand how difficult it must be.... im having to start thinking about that sort of thing myself : )

Love you girl!