Thursday, July 29, 2010

Last Hooray. . . Probably

Well this week Mark and I are at Macedonia Baptist Church's youth camp with the Cliftones. They are playing music for them all this week, which is cool, because it happens to be the third year they have been asked. We really really really enjoy this camp very much, it is a great time to do something Mark loves for a week (music), get together with family, and just get away for a little while with some great preaching! This year Gaylon couldn't go sadly, but on the flip side my brother, Adam Jones, was able to fill in on base. Adam said he puts the "ones" in CliftONES. Haha.

Anyway, this camp is in Oklahoma, which is about 8 hours (all together) from Harleton. This is probably the last hooray before we have a baby, something which is starting to sink in and become harder to swallow. It is getting to be more uncomfortable to do things, even simple things, such as sit in a chair for a prolonged period of time, which is quite frustrating. Reid does like listening to his daddy and uncles, especially when Uncle Blake gets to going on the drums. He thinks he has to dance around I think. It is weird to think this is the last trip we will take kidless, I keep wondering what life will be like when he is finally here.

To be honest it is starting to really kinda scare me, the same way marriage did before we actually just jumped and did it. I have a huge fear of the unknown, and this is one of those things . . . I worry that I wont be able to get him on a schedule (and from all the books I have read, and from all my education classes I have taken, I KNOW kids do better on a schedule), take care of him, you know all of those things that are essential to keep him alive. I know I will do good, I really have no choice, I just want to be the best mom I can be, and do things right.

So yeah, that is what is going on right now. Last camp of the summer, last week away from home, last hooray before children, last everything. . . Sounds good!


Chris and Lydia said...

Life will be awesome once he gets here, trust me! We are in major sleep deprivation mode and its still awesome. If we aren't sleeping, changing diapers, or baby dancing around the living room, we are staring at him. I'm sure he thinks that we are beyond strange:)

You will do great; don't stress over the little things, you'll figure it out when he gets here. If I learned anything from the birth experience, it was that EVERYTHING I was stressing over was nothing, the unexpected was what blew me away.

missleeannskidz said...

I've gone too long without seeing you! Get with me so we can get together!