Monday, July 19, 2010

Getting Things Done (because it is getting closer)

Howdy fellow blog readers (all 3 of you). Right now I am sitting on the couch at my parents house, watching TV, while everyone else is down at their new motor home working on it. I was told to stay back and not get too hot, one of the perks of being almost 7 months pregnant. Along with being 7 months pregnant comes the feeling of becoming more and more uncomfortable. I am getting bigger everyday and stuff that was once considered easy, now either surprisingly hurt, or are just harder to do. I know it is for a good cause, but I am well on my way to the point of being ready to be done.

I am ready to be done, yes, but the "what happens after I'm done" (aka the baby coming out to play) scared me a lot. I am afraid of the HUGE life change that is about to take place. Mark related it back to the feeling you have right before you get married. You know that in a few weeks life is going to change, it is not going to be about only you anymore, it is about your spouse. Well this is about 100 times more scary than that. I am excited about meeting him, seeing his little personality, being his momma, teaching him, and all of this other stuff, but that also comes with anxiety too.

Anyways, because it is getting closer to d-day, I have begun the nesting stage (unofficially). I have been cleaning out all these things that have been bothering me. My dresser drawers are clean, my closet is getting that way, Reid's room (his closet for the most part) is cleaned out, now it is on to decorating. We need to get paint and get started doing that, along with a dresser, and everything else. We are wanting to go ahead and get it done before our showers, so that way we can just take it in there and set it up. I am so worried we are going to get sssoo much stuff that it will just TAKE OVER THE HOUSE! I guess that is what happens when you have a child though.

So yeah, we have a lot of stuff to get done over the summer before we can have this baby. Hopefully it will all happen in a relatively quick manner and BEFORE he decides to show up ;)

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The Newsham's said...

I hope that you are able to get everything finished before Reid gets here!!