Friday, July 30, 2010

On The Way Home

Right now we are currently on our way back from Quapaw, (yes you read it right and it sounds just the way you think it does) Oklahoma. I'm in the front seat trying to keep boredom away by doing what else but blogging.

I am so happy to have found other friends that blog, but the trouble is they are all much better bloggers! They write better, know how to show pictures from other sources (such as a phone), and their lives are just more fun in general... I know our lives are about to get more hectic when our little one decides to make his appearance, but until then it's pretty slow, especially since our last trip of the summer is now over.

So in short if any of the 3 readers I do have have any suggestions on subject matter (things I could blog about like how Mark and I met if that would interest you or mu decision to stay home, etc.), or on syntax, or on anything else that you think would make this blog better please let me know. I wanna get in the habit of blogging a few times a week so people can keep up with us and they don't get bored. This I guess is my cry for help on how to make your reading experience more enjoyable...

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The Newsham's said...

I don't know if I am one of the three, but I am leaving my opinion anyway. :) I would love to hear your history and how you and Mark met. How it has been to stay at home, how you are getting ready for Reid. Your thoughts on being a Mom. And of course, pictures of Reid when he arrives. :) Miss you girl!