Monday, August 23, 2010

God is SSSOOO Good!

Let me just begin this by praising our God who knows all our worries and all our fears and provides for us!

Ever since we found out we were pregnant in February and went to the doctor we have been worried about our insurance deductible. In our first nurses visit we got our benefit quotes and stuff all checked out and told a round about number of what we would owe. We were then greatly discouraged to find out that we fell into a a school year calendar for our benefit period (starts over at the beginning of September and ends at the end of August) instead of a regular calendar year (from January 1- December 31). This posed somewhat of a problem seeing as that our baby is due in October, hence we would have just met our deductible (a rather high deductible) a month earlier but it wouldn't have mattered because of when our benefit period started (everyone still following?).

Well today I called the insurance to figure out if there was anything we could do since we would have met our deductible so close. The poor guy that had to deal with me! I do not like dealing with this stuff because I do not understand a lot of what is going on and what they are saying, but it had to be done! So we talked and right before we got off the phone I asked how much of our deductible we had met so far and said "Not that it matters because it changes in like 7 days anyway." He said "I think there is some confusion" and proceeded to tell me that we had a CALENDAR year benefit period, not a school year benefit period! This is a major thing because we will have met our deductible and not have to meet it again one month later! Hallelujah!

I know that this is not a whole lot to get too excited over, but it really has been a constant worry in the back of my mind since February. So this is a welcome relief that is for sure! We still have other worries with money, who doesn't, but at least this one has subsided!


Chris and Lydia said...

What a relief, YAY! Just realize that God can handle all of the other things you are stressing about too. You just have to let him!

The Newsham's said...

Yeah! The Lord is so good to work out all the details of our lives. Thanks for sharing about His faithfulness.