Tuesday, August 3, 2010

29 Week Pregnancy Highlights

29 Week Pregnancy Highlights
How far along: 29 Weeks and yes still growing. He is becoming extremely active, something that is painful at times when he finds a rib with a foot!
How big is baby: They said today that he was slightly around or over 2 1/2 pounds. Getting bigger!
Weight gain/loss: I've only gained 2 ounces since our last visit! Kinda nice!
Maternity clothes: Still there. They are starting to fit better in the belly area lol!
Stretch marks: Still none! I'm praying it stays that way!
Sleep: Beginning to become a pain. Heartburn has been waking me up every 2-3 hours for the past couple of nights! Ready to get some good nights under my belt!
Best Moment of the Week: Seeing Reid on the ultrasound machine today. He was lying across my belly "just relaxing" according to the doctor. Also letting Mark feel him have the hiccups last night, or the time last week when Reid kicked Mark in the head. Twice. That was great!
Movement: Much stronger now!
Food Cravings: Figured out I like coconut snocones. . . I have always hated coconut!
Gender: Still a boy :-)
Labor Signs: Nothing at all, which is what we want as of right now. Give me another 10 weeks and you will begin to read differently.
Belly button in or out: Stretched sideways, but in still! Its a rather funny sight!
Daddy: Still wonderful! He helps me out so much, notices when I am beginning to tire out, and tells me to go sit down. He picks up the heavy stuff and helps out so much! Can't ask for much more than that!

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