Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Being Pregnant Sucks!

Sometimes being pregnant really blows! Hence why there is a post at 5 AM, because I can't sleep!!! This is incredibly frustrating! I wish my bladder would do me a favor a grow a little so that way I don't wake up at ridiculous hours and then have trouble falling back asleep. I mean seriously do you know the places a pregnant ladies mind can wander if left unattended awake in a bed for too long? Not good places! So yeah, sometimes being pregnant is NO FUN at all!


The Newsham's said...

Hang in there friend! You are almost done being pregnant. Then after Reid gets here you will have some company in the middle of the night. :) j/k. Praying for you girl!

Michelle Knox-Bong said...

Try to remember the times you get up. When he arrives thoes will probably be the same time !